Словарь английского фольклора. (Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore)
A Dictionary of English Folkloreю. Includes over 1,250 entries. An absorbing and entertaining guide to English folklore and an authoritative reference source on such legendary characters as Cinderella, Jack the Giant Killer, and Robin Hood. The dictionary gives entertaining and informative explanations of a wide range of subjects in folklore and includes articles on oral and performance genres such as cheese rolling, morris dancing, and rushbearing, superstitions such as crossing fingers and wishbones, beliefs like fairy rings and frog showers, and calendar customs from April Fool's Day to St. Valentine's Day. Jacqueline Simpson is Secretary of Britain';s Folklore Society, having been President from 1993-1996. She is a former editor of the journal 'Folklore'. She has many publications to her credit, particularly on Icelandic and Viking myths and tales. Steve Roud is Local Studies Librarian for Croydon in Surrey, and has served as Honorary Librarian to the Folklore Society for more than fifteen years.

‘Crying Boy’ painting
‘Mowing Devil, The’
‘Orfeo, Sir’
‘swimming’ ordeal