Словарь английских идиоматических выражений. (Oxford Dictionary of Idioms)
Includes more than 5,000 entries. This Dictionary covers metaphorical phrases, familiar sayings and proverbs, and similes, providing illustrative quotations from sources as varied as the Bible, the `Spectator`, and Agatha Christie. Explore the meanings and origins of such well-known idioms as 'set the world alight', 'cost an arm and a leg', 'once in a blue moon', and 'the tip of the iceberg'.

a RAFT of —a BURR under one's saddlea GENTLEMAN's agreement
a shot across the BOWSa BUSMAN's holidaya ghost at the FEAST
a — and a HALFa BUSTED flusha GLEAM in someone's eye
a — to be RECKONED witha call to ARMSa GLUTTON for punishment
a — to END all — sa CAT may look at a kinga GOLDEN age
A 1 at Lloydsa CATCH-22 situationa GOLDEN calf
a BACK numbera CHAPTER of accidentsa GOLDEN handshake
a BACK-SEAT drivera CHICKEN-and-egg problema gone COON
a bad TASTE in the moutha CHINK in someone's armoura GRAIN of mustard seed
a BAD quarter of an houra CHIP off the old blocka GRAND old man of
a bad WORKMAN blames his toolsa CHIP on one's shouldera graven IMAGE
a BAG of bonesa CLASS acta GREAT one for
a BAG of nervesa clean BILL of healtha GREY area
a BAG of tricksa CLOSED booka HALFWAY house
a baker's DOZENa CLOVEN HOOFa HAND's turn
a BALL and chaina COCK-and-bull storya HANGING offence
a BALL of firea CONSPIRACY of silencea hard ACT to follow
a BAPTISM of firea COUNSEL of despaira HARD case
a BARREL of laughsa COUNSEL of perfectiona hard ROW to hoe
a BEAM in one's eyea CURATE's egga HEART of gold
a BED of rosesa CUT abovea HEARTBEAT from
a BENJAMIN's portiona DAMP squiba HECK of a
a better MOUSETRAPa DARK horsea HELL of a
a big ASKa DEAD cat bouncea hidden AGENDA
a BIG cheesea dead LETTERa hill of BEANS
a big DEALa DEUCE of a —a HOME from home
a big FISH in a small ponda DEVIL of a —a HORNETS’ nest
a BIRD in handa different KETTLE of fisha HORSE of another colour
a BIRD of passagea DIME a dozena HOSTAGE to fortune
a BIRD's-eye viewa DOG's dinnera HOUSE divided
a BIT of all righta DOG's lifea HOUSE of cards
a bit of CRACKLINGa DONE deala JOB's comforter
a bit RICHa dose of one's own MEDICINEa Judas KISS
a bit THICKa DOUBLE-EDGED sworda KICK at the can
a bite at the CHERRYa DOUBTING Thomasa KICK in the pants
a bitter PILLa DROP in the oceana KICK in the teeth
a BLACK marka DRUG on the marketa king's RANSOM
a BLACK spota DUSTY answera KNIGHT in shining armour
a BLAST from the pasta DUTCH unclea LABOUR of Hercules
a BLESSING in disguisea dying DUCK in a thunderstorma LABOUR of love
a BLIND alleya face as long as a FIDDLEa LAUGH a minute
a BLIND bit of —a FAINT hearta LEAP in the dark
a BLIND datea fair CRACK of the whipa LEGEND in one's own lifetime
a BLIND spota FAIR deala LEVEL playing field
a BLOT on the escutcheona FAIR field and no favoura LICK and a promise
a BLOT on the landscapea fair-weather FRIENDa LIKELY story
a BLOW-BY-BLOW accounta FALSE dawna LINE in the sand
a BLUE-EYED boya FATE worse than deatha LION in the way
a BOLT from the bluea FEATHER in one's capa little BIRD told me
a BONE of contentiona fight to the FINISHa LONDON particular
a BOUNDEN dutya FIRM handa loose CANNON
a bowl of CHERRIESa FISH out of watera LOSING battle
a BOX of tricksa FISHING expeditiona lost SOUL
a BREAD-AND-BUTTER lettera FLEA in one's eara LUMP in the throat
a BREATH of fresh aira FLY in ambera magic CARPET
a BREED aparta FLY in the ointmenta MAN for all seasons
a BRICK short of a loada FLY on the walla man of PARTS
a broken REEDa FLY on the wheela man of few WORDS
a BROTH of a boya FORLORN hopea man of his WORD
a BUNDLE of funa FRIEND at courta man of LETTERS